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Developing products of the highest quality, offering outstanding value, providing excellent customer service, and increasing the range of products available, have been the principles of the company's growth and success.

St.Gallen's sales rose in 1994 by 100% to record a second year of good progress.

The Company increased its market share in sales of re-manufactured laser printer cartridges, printer consumables, cleaning and repairs.
  • In October 1992 we launched our re-manufactured laser printer cartridge.
  • By August 1993, in order to meet our customers demands, we were supplying a wide range of printer consumables.
  • January 1994 saw the introduction of our laser printing cleaning and repair service.
  • We are now offering the ultimate service for all laser printer users, SERVICE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE.
Laser printers are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment and as such need to be maintained regularly. By specialising in laser printers we are able to offer you the best service available to ensure your printers are maintained to the high standards they require in order to give you the reliable, cost effective operation that your business needs.
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